The Best Window Coverings for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to making your Florida home energy efficient, one area that often gets overlooked is the windows. However, windows can be a significant source of heat gain during summers—especially in the sizzling Southern climate—and heat loss during winters. This leads to higher energy …

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Are Roman Shades Right for You?

Have you been looking at new window coverings for your home? Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the options? You are not alone. Lots of homeowners feel this way and turn to ShadesToYou to help them navigate this journey. Did you know one of …

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Black Mold on Windows: Causes, Removal, and Prevention

Black mold is not a pretty sight on your windows and can cause numerous problems. When mold spores spread, they compromise your home’s air quality and increase your risk for infections, allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems and irritations. Additionally, black mold can leave stains, …

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Factors to Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters

You can spot a plantation shutter by its tilted louvers that look like blind slats. But unlike blind slats, plantation shutters are: Fitted to a window frame Controlled by lifting and lowering a rod Able to open and close like doors Plantation shutters are a …

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The Benefits of Layering Window Treatments

If you are like many homeowners, you’ve probably given very little thought to your window coverings. And if you’re a minimalist, you might be content with just having shades or blinds on your windows, and that’s okay. But for those who are looking for something …

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What Are the Most Energy-Efficient Window Shades?

Indoor energy efficiency—it’s one aspect that homeowners are always looking to improve upon. And while there are a handful of energy-saving practices that homeowners are generally aware of, one that largely goes unnoticed is investing in energy-efficient window shades. It’s important to note that each …

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6 Types of Windows Shades to Consider for Your Home

In the world of window shades, the phrase “one size fits all” simply doesn’t hold weight, especially when it comes to custom shades. The intended purpose behind each room in your home will greatly influence the type of window shades you choose. Below are the …

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Are Motorized Shades Worth the Investment?

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing window coverings, you may be exploring your options on today’s market. If you’ve done any research, you’ve likely come across motorized blinds as possible replacements. But are they really worth the investment? The answer is a resounding yes, …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Stylish Window Blinds

Blinds easily rank among the most popular window treatments for homeowners. And with so many different styles available on today’s market, the possible combinations of function and aesthetic appeal seem endless. If you have already made the wise decision to invest in window blinds, the …

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