Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Today’s vertical blinds combine beauty, easy maintenance and excellent light control with a rich variety of textures, colors and patterns. You can choose from several material options, including smooth and textured vinyl, fabric and wood. They can be light defusing or enhance room darkening, depending on the material chosen.

Smooth and textured vinyl verticals are the most versatile and durable verticals on the market. If you have pets or children, these are ideal since they are easy to clean and stand up to frequent usage. Choose from traditional, time-honored crown vanes or the S-curved vane, which close tighter giving you more room darkening properties. To maintain the cohesive decor of the room, we can coordinate 2” vinyl horizontal blinds to match the vinyl verticals.

Fabric verticals add texture and elegance to any room. Each fabric vane has a weight sewn in the bottom to provide easy operation and keep the smooth fabric flow. Depending on the fabric chosen, and degree of light control you require, your room can have a light filtering or a room darkening effect.

Wood verticals offer a variety of stained, natural and distressed wood colors, as well as resist warping and or twisting. Wood verticals ate the perfect complement our planation shutters and wood horizontal blinds, allowing you to create the overall design that expresses your style and enhances each room.

Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding doors, patio doors, and expansive windows.